Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tartan Pattern Online Generators

What is Tartan?

A repeating pattern, originally used in woven wool and, usually, associated with Scotland (in particular, the famous Scottish kilts).

Each tartan consists of crisscrossed horizontal and vertical (square tartan) or diagonal (diamond tartan) of different colored stripes, bands and/or lines.

For more information on tartans see, for example:

For web design and graphic design beginners, there are few nice, easy to use free online tartan patterns generators. Below is a list of those that I've tested so far.

Square Tartan

Diamond Tartan

Nick Wedd's Tartan Pattern Generator

This tartan pattern generator contains a huge collection of predefined tartan patterns, divided in six different sets of patterns. Each tartan pattern is listed by it's name and can be modified in many ways. Before using this tartan pattern generator, reed the associated  Help on the Tartan Generator.

Nick Wedd's Tartan Pattern Generator
Each pattern can be downloaded as PNG, JPG or GIF file.


This free online tartan pattern generator is much more simpler to use. You can create and download
  • square or diamond tartan patterns in three different yarn sizes
  • patterns consisting of up to 10 different bands (stripes) (to add a band click on the some of the "+" buttons)
  • each band can be: a) colored with a different color; b) of a size on a scale between 1 (which, for the yarn size of 1, approximately equals 2 pixels) and 10.

To get inspired, check the gallery of user created tartan patterns.

Tartan Designer (by Tartan Web)

Another cool online tartan pattern generator is the Tartan Designer from Tartan Web. So far, I've been able only to create some nice tartan patterns. I don't know if there is an option to download the created pattern (to save it - whatever that means, you must register first). I've tried the "Email Tartan" option, but without any success. However, it's worth trying it.

Multitoolbox's Tartan Generator

This is another simple to use, free online tartan pattern generator. You can create and download
  • square or diamond tartan patterns
  • patterns consisting of up to 11 different bands
  • each band can be: a) colored with a different color (the color picker works only by dragging the small circle stated in the left upper corner in the colored window that appears when click on the hex code of the corresponding band); b) of a size on scale from 1 (which is approximately equal to 2 pixels) to 100 (to modify the band width, you have to drag the slider of the corresponding band).
Multitoolbox's Tartan Generator

To get inspired, click the "Inspiration button".

Have fun creating tartan patterns.