Monday, May 7, 2012

How to Add a Table to Blogger Blogspot Post - The Easier Way (Part 2)

Tables with colored cells

All of the suggested online HTML table code generators in the last post can generate only simple tables. Those that have the option for generating tables with colored cells, can produce an HTML code for a table with all of it's cell colored with the same color.

For creating tables like these two, there is another free online HTML generator which, among many other options, can be used for generating HTML code for tables like these two. 

Table with header row
List A List B List C List D
Item A1 Item B1 Item C1  Item D1
Item A2  Item B2 Item C2  Item D2
Item A3  Item B3 Item C3   Item D3
Item A4 Item B4 Item C4 Item D4

#F11F0D #F5665A #b71709 
 #FB8518 #FCA758   #DC7515
 #EDD711  #EFDD37  #D0BD0E
 #88EA14 #B2F168  #5C9F0D 
 #1BE3B3  #6DEDCE #13A380 
 #1852E6  #7497F0  #10379C
 #B530CE  #C969DB  #822294

It's the Multitoolbox's WYSIWYG editor (WYSIWYG = What You See Is What You Get).

All the table editing buttons will become active after you've created a table and positioned the cursor inside any cell.

Explore the rest this editor capabilities. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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