Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Creating Patterns and Backgrounds with COLOURlovers

Another free (the lite version) online patterns editor/generator, similar to the PatternCooler's advanced editor is available at COLOURlovers.

If you've never stumbled upon this website before, then I suggest that you first visit the pattern gallery. By clicking on any of the patterns you'll be redirected to a page where you can
  • browse for similar patterns to the one that you've chosen, or
  • color this pattern with different colors (up to five, depending on the pattern) by clicking on the small rectangles that appear below the pattern and selecting a new color from the color picker that will pop-up. 
recoloring a pattern

Alternatively, you can browse the seamless pattern template gallery and, after selecting a pattern template, you can recolor it as described above.

Another cool feature of this online pattern generator is that you can create (for free) your own seamless pattern template with the Seamless Lite pattern template creator.

creating a pattern template

You can use shapes from different sets of shapes, draw lines, create layers. Each shape can be re-sized, rotated, re-positioned and, if you don't like you can remove it.

If you want to save a pattern template or a pattern that you've recolored, then you have create an account. Each time you have to name your creation. This will serve as a key word for finding it. To find all of the patterns or pattern templates you've created, in the search form, in the "Lover" field, just type the username that you've used. Leave everything else blank.

After choosing the pattern, or a pattern template for further coloring

coloring the pattern template

to download the final result, look on the right side and click on "Preview".

Your pattern will be opened in new window. Then right-click and "Save image as...".

Note: You don't have to create an account if you want to download a pattern that found in the gallery.

Have fun!!!


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